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Re-Rating Statements & Australian Builder’s Plates

Are you looking to upgrade your outboard or inboard engine and need a re-rating statement for insurance? Do you need changes made to your Builder’s Plate? If you have built, modified or imported a boat then you may need our help to secure an Australian Builder’s Plate (ABP). It’s easy to fill in the form and upload your photos so we can provide a re-rating statement and a new quality photo anodised aluminium plate’ to certify your vessel as compliant.

The following information and requested photographs are required to determine changes to carrying capacity and/or maximum power ratings for vessels up to 15 metres. The requirement to fit Australian Builder’s Plates (ABP) came into force in September 2006 and if your boat was built, modified or imported after September 2006 then you are required to have a compliant ABP fitted.

If your boat was built prior to September 2006 you may have already have an ABP, Builder’s plaque or label containing some or all of the following; maximum passenger load, maximum power rating and flotation standard. If you modify the boat and information changes then you also need to have a new ABP fitted.

Not sure what to do or how to do it? Then give us a call or drop us an email and we can discuss your needs.

Once we have the requested information we can do the required calculations and issue you a new ABP to be affixed to the vessel.

We will also send you a re-rating statement in PDF format outlining the revised powering and carrying capacities and a copy of the new ABP which can then be emailed to your insurer, if required.

It costs nothing to make an application. Once we have received your request we will assess what can be done and advise you of the outcome. If you decide to proceed we will issue an invoice and once this is paid the rating certificate will be sent and the new plate ordered. It’s that simple!

NOTE: If the vessel is custom built or has been modified from the original design it may also need to be inspected and a performance trial could be required. In this case, additional fees and charges may apply.

Vessels over 15 metres require additional stability checks which are subject to quotation.