KPS Maritime is authorised to conduct a range of inspections and services for recreational vessels including pre-purchase inspections, condition & valuation reports, compliance inspections & fit for service statements.

Our experienced marine surveyor will give you an independent opinion backed by 3 decades in the industry to ensure that you can make a thorough and considered decision.

All inspections are followed with a professional report outlining our findings.

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Pre-purchase Boat Inspections

To help you make the right purchase decision
  • Overall Condition & Structural Integrity of the Vessel – including hull condition
  • Suitability for Service – safe passenger numbers and load capacities
  • Construction – origin and date of manufacture, materials & methods used during construction
  • Engineering – engine make/ model numbers
  • Ground Tackle – anchor, chain, capstan
  • Lifesaving and Safety Equipment – flares, inflatable raft
  • Electronic, Navigation, Bilge & Fire Systems – fire extinguishers, compass, GPS

Boat Condition Inspections

For insurance applications, renewals or damages
  • Overall Condition & Structural Integrity of the Vessel, Insurance Risk/Suitability for service
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Ground Tackle
  • Lifesaving and Safety Equipment
  • Electronic, Navigation, Bilge and Fire Systems, Onboard Equipment
  • Hull Condition (in water and out of water inspections can be conducted
  • Safe Passenger numbers and load capacities

Small Watercraft Inspections

For trailer boats
  • External Hull, On deck, internal hull
  • Spars, rigging and sails
  • Tankage and plumbing
  • Internal fixtures and systems
  • Machinery, Safety equipment & Electronics
  • Trailer


For finance, insurance or marketing purposes.

Non-invasive Testing

Including mechanical and oil analysis.

Specialist non-destructive Testing

Including corrosion surveys, ultrasonic thickness testing & moisture level detection.



Fast, obligation-free response

Recieve a response within 48 hours. We won’t charge you unless we can help you. Submit your ABP request today!

Prompt service and delivery

Our Australian Builder’s Plates are processed, manufactured and shipped weekly, within 4-8 business days from order.

Compliant with Boat Regulations.

Our Australian Builder’s Plates are compliant with the Australian Builder’s Plate regulation.

Thousands of happy boat owners

We are the largest (by number) certifiers of Australian Builder’s Plates (ABPs). We supply all states and territories.

30 Years’ Industry Experience

We’ve been in the industry for 30 years and our founder, Nick Lockyer, is the current president of the Marine Surveyors’ Association.